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The Tiltwatch XTR Indicators are activated when tipped below a 90° angle, once this happens the arrow will turn completely blue. Companion labels included.

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Titlwatch labels are the perfect solution for protecting sensitive goods that need to be kept upright. 


This sophisticated device can easily be fixed to shipping containers and will act as a visual deterrent to whoever handles the package in the supply chain. 


The units a easy to spot and come with a companion warning label to make whoever is handling it aware that the shipment is being monitored. 


You activate the device by simply pulling the pin out. If the shipment crate or container falls below the 90° threshold it will indicate red. This leave you (or whoever is receiving the shipment) in no doubt poor handling has occurred. 


Damage to freight in transit is estimated to cost industry $2 billion annually. The cost to business has never been greater. Often third party couriers and freight services are putting greater emphasis on speed rather than the quality of care goods receive. 


Tiltwatch Shockwatch  are economical enough to be used on most freight.


We find most clients are looking for not just a deterrent but also a level or accountability from their freight services. 


Here Tilwatch XTR indicators act as a preventative measure in that its no secret whoever is handling the freight will give it more care once they are aware it is being monitored. 


Tiltwatch has proved themselves popular and versatile in a variety of industries including 


Fragile optics, electronics, machinery, precision parts, lighting equipment, heavy machinery and removals. 


Alternatively take a look at our Tip N Tell Indicator Labels or get in touch to discuss your requirements.