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There are many sensitive things which must remain upright during the shipment. Valdamark Direct are the authorized distributors of wide range of Shockwatch tilt labels. These indicators detect and record the tilting of the object when it crosses a certain limit and can be damaging for the product being shipped.

There are two types of Shockwatch tilt indicators that are explained in the following descriptions.

TiltWatch XTR®:

The indicator will turn red if the package it is affixed to tilts more than 80 degree’s. However, movements due to normal handling conditions have no effect on function of the indicator. The sensor fitting is a steel disc construction, non-magnetic which also indicates the direction of the tilt.

They have basically been designed to monitor goods that must not tilt at any stage during storage and transportation.

TiltWatch Plus®:

This type of tilt indicator indicates how much tilt has taken place in addition to what is the degree and direction of the tilt.

The glass ball sensor is sensitive enough to record even the slightest of tilts.

These tilt labels warn the transporting staff whenever the tilt crosses a predefined or acceptable level.

Tilt Labels keeping Your Items Safe

These indicators offer plenty of benefits for those looking to protect sensitive freight during transport or storage.

For instance, they help the shipping staff to keep your product safe and sound by reducing the chances of mishandling and tilting, thus acting as a deterrent.

Similarly, if the tilt does occur, they provide you with undisputable evidences. They also act as a visual standard about how to handle your products in transit, again reducing the chances of any mishap.

Valdamark Direct always believe in providing high quality products to its clients. The Shockwave tilt indicators are industry leaders when it comes to shipping the products to end user in industry condition.

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