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Founded by an emergency room doctor, color-coordinated syringes and syringe holders provide a simple method to measure and confirm the correct dose…

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This is a shocking statistic in that each year over 140,000 children are harmed due to dosing mistakes by healthcare professionals. Over 7,000 die due to this tragic error. 


Caleb Hernandez is an ER doctor that wants to make correct doses easy to determine for doctors and healthcare workers. Most importantly in high-stress  situations where children’s lives are on the line. 


Certa Dose is the brainchild of Dr Hernandez. Certa has innovated a color-coordinated syringe which provides a simple method for determining correct dosage to infants or children. 


It shows the medication by weight making it clear to whoever is administering the medicine. It’s fast, safe and accurate and does expose the professional to the usual dosing risks. 


 The first product is a syringe which has already been approved by the FDA. 


Its specifically for epinephrine delivery for pediatric patients, Certa is currently seeking FDA clearance on other variants of the syringe. The other syringes in the range focus on anesthesia and pain killer type drugs. 


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