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This is ingenious. It goes without saying that sometimes big problems have simple solutions…

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Check out the sneaky Dutch!


Here we see Vanmoof, a bike company in Holland placing pictures of TV’s on the side of their bike packaging to raise awareness that the goods are fragile. 


When they started shipping their orders they noticed that a staggering 25% of their valuable products were being damaged during delivery.


This is a very big deal for a small startup that sells a $3,000 electric bike. 


Damage to goods in transit is a global problem estimated to cost the worldwide economy $2 billion dollars a year. 


However for this new company the cost of damage to goods and reputation could have been fatal. 


In my opinion the solution is ingenious. Place a photo of a TV on the side in the hope it gets handled with more care. 


What do you know? It worked. Damages are now down a whopping 80%. 


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