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Molton Brown, has launched a personalised packaging initiative aimed at Chinese customers in the lead up to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.dfnionline.com

Molton Brown has announced a packaging initiative aimed at Chinese New Year. 


This personalised packaging will be an option to customers who shop at the World Duty Free airport stores. Only available in the UK they can have their favorite Molton Brown products gift wrapped in limited edition Chinese New Year gift cartons. 


There are multiple messages to choose from, each playing on a different Chinese New Year theme. So the color pink would reflect the year of the pig. 


The packaging’s artwork will also feature historic London landmarks as to acknowledge the brands home and cities heritage. 


Molton Brown wants these to be considered luxury souvenirs.


Also giving a nod to Chinese tradition each box will contain a red envelope with a chance for youngsters to win the famous ‘lucky money’


These are available in airport stores from the 21st January to the 5th February. This will be in line with the start of Chinese New Year. 


Molton Brown products are very popular with the Chinese community. As far as bulk packaging boxes go the Molton Brown design is very easy on the eye but remain robust enough to handle the long the long journey.