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This study focuses on the medical flexible packaging market going forward. A wide variety of markets and sectors are covered globally for both pharmaceutical packaging films and medical devices.

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The Medical flexible packaging market is studied by a new report focussing on the businesses key pillars, potential for growth and restrictions going forward!


Using both primary and secondary research techniques the reports looks at the key vendors in the current market like Renoilt Group, Winpak and Toray Plastics. 


Generally speaking medical packaging film is a thin and continuous, polymeric construction used to protect the packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 


There are three specific types including high moisture barrier films, co-extruded films & formable films. 


With all these films there is particular emphasis on the moisture barrier element which protects the contents from the usual culprits such as water, oxygen, gas by products and other atmospheric dangers. 


These are converted into a variety of formats including blister packs, medication pouch packaging, labels, sachets and wraps etc. 


The report tends to focus on the larger picture within the medical flexible packaging market. It offers forecasts and data for the market worldwide in terms of revenues and growth potentials. 


It cover in depth analysis with detailed and descriptive breakdowns. Research and development is also covered in detail. 


Key players now and in the future are also mentioned. Including the likes of – 


  • 3M
  • Glenroy Inc
  • Honeywell International
  • Klöckner Pentaplast Europe
  • Renoilt Group


So what is the general view from the report of the global medical packaging films market?


Well it is growing at a significant pace due primarily to factors such as a hike in demand for pharmaceutical packaging in developing countries. Like the Asia Pacific region. We also see globally an increase in demand for bi-axially oriented films. One of the key drivers of growth for medical flexible packaging in general. 


However it finds that companies are being restricted due to the strict regulations as to what be included in these packaging films. Resin grades, additives and extrusion parameters are limiting companies when it comes to innovation in general. 


Trends in marketing reveal that most companies now are operating with ‘patient centric’ approaches to the production of medical packaging films. This approach could well yield some lucrative opportunities in the near future. 


The report continues on determining and assessing the key players in the current market including company profiles as to their products and services offered, financial statistics and their key developments over the previous 5 years. 


It goes further to discuss how these developments are giving the companies a commercial and strategic advantage. 


The medical packaging films market is broken down on the basis of material, product, it’s uses and the target end user. So on this bases we see three different material types – 


  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Oxides


When looking at product type we see – 


  • High moisture barrier films
  • Co-extruded films
  • Formable Films


When looking at applications we see – 



The end users tend to be either pharmaceuticals or medical devices. 


Going into the overview of the industry we see a detailed account that included both qualitative and quantitative information. This overview gives forecasts on the worldwide medical packaging films market and the various sectors that make it up from 2017 to 2027.


Looking at location we see five significant regions making up the growth. These include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and Central/South America. These countries are then sub sectioned into individual countries and market sectors. 


In total the report covers 18 countries around the world with their individual trends, threats and opportunities in each region. 


It also reviews these markets by both demand and supply for medical flexible packaging and looks into the market dynamics withing each country during the 2017 -2027 period. 


It does also contain a PEST analysis for the main five regions looking into political, economic, social and technological drivers.


Take a look at the report here if you want to –


  • Learn more about the key drivers for market growth.
  • Learn more about the advancements and developments that have been made in each individual market. 
  • Understand potential opportunities. 
  • Compare and contrast options in each market. 
  • Look into the strategy of the key players in each market.
  • Learn more about any restriction that could inhibit growth.