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With the recent increase in demand for packaging equipment, Southgate Global has been struggling to find enough workers.
The company reported that they are facing sustained growth challenges when it comes to recruiting warehouse personnel. Due in part to the trend among businesses owners who want their goods shipped faster than before.

Southgate Global is a UK based company that caters to the warehousing and logistics market. Currently, they have over 600 distributors across Europe with an emphasis on Black Friday sales for online retailers like Amazon who are experiencing record high demand – especially around Cyber Monday when people buy goods ahead of time rather than wait until their next paycheck due out every two weeks or so (like most Americans). With e-commerce booming at a 25% annual growth rate in Great Britain; machinery purchases will continue growing too. This inevitably means more work needs doing by skilled employees such as forklifts operators and machine technicians.

“In an increasingly competitive market, levels of automation within manufacturing can certainly help improve efficiencies when pressures on the workforce continues to be a cause for concern.” With this in mind. David Grantham from Southgate Global said “case taping, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and heat sealing machinery are some examples that automate workflows significantly increasing productivity as well reducing manual handling which ultimately improves quality with reduced material usage”. He continued by saying “The use and growth over recent years also increased machinery used across different sectors” – whether at home or abroad thanks largely due its adaptability in different environments.

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