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Home improvement packaging design is very different to designing packaging for the FMCG marketplace. This Home improvement packaging design [Infographic] will highlight the key differences.

The purpose of this quick and easy reference [Infographic] is to simply and succinctly articulate the differences between designing packing for the hardware market place and the FMCG supermarket environment.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this [Infographic] “Home improvement packaging design”:

• The size of the overall market
• Aussies on renovation • Differences between designing between FMCG and hardware
• The consumer decision making process when choosing supermarket products versus home improvement products
• How to express features & benefits on packs
• The language to be used when describing features and benefits on packs
• How to design for mandatories on packs
• The shelf environment in the home improvement market versus the FMCG supermarket environment
• Designing packaging for your target market
• The impact of Augmented reality (AR) in the two different markets – which will have greater impact?

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Less is more seems to be the theme for Consumer packaging. Home improvement is all about education and information – the more the better.