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High consumption of different kinds of beverages, along with the growing need of convenience, is promoting a steep rise in the beverage packaging market in India. The market for beverage packages is demonstrating a vigorous growth in the recent times because sustainable packaging has become the need of the hour.

In the year 2017, beverages accounted for around 21% of the total consumer packaging market. According to an estimate, beverage packaging was valued at around 125 million. It is estimated that the demand for consumer packaging belonging to the beverage sector will witness growth at a rate of 12% till 2022.

This figure is quite ahead when compared to consumer packaging demand from other segments. Interestingly, the primary contributors triggering this growth are fruit-based drinks, bottled water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD).

Rigid Plastics and Glass Form Major Materials for Beverage Packaging

The materials that are commonly used in beverage packaging are metal, rigid plastics, paper and glass. The packaging types that are integral for the packaging of different beverages include glass packaging, paperboard packaging as well as caps and closure. Materials like rigid plastics and glass account for 70% of the total packaging market.

It is anticipated that in the coming days, the demand for liquid packaging cartons will increase mainly because these have a longer shelf life and can be transported without much difficulty.

Higher consumer acceptance and the readiness to pay a little higher price for the sake of convenience are some of the key factors promoting the growth of beverage packaging in India.

Today, the entire liquid packaging market is shifting more towards PET bottle. This is because PET bottles can be consumed while one is on the go. Also, such bottles can be transported from one place to the other without much hassle.

So, it’s no wonder that the beverage sector is experiencing a rising demand for PET bottles, triggered by the take-home and on-the-go segments. Even the liquor market is witnessing a shift towards PET bottles.

In India, PET is the most frequently used material for packaging water. Such bottles account for almost 55% of the nation’s packaged water market while pouches and bulk packaging make up the rest.

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