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We take a look at the 5 biggest emerging packaging trends. With tastes and preferences forever changing what is on the horizon for packaging in 2019?


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.packagingdigest.com

The packaging industry is always shifting. New sytles and designs are always coming and going. Here we take a look at the 5 biggest for 2019!


Changing packaging trends and preferences means that consumer demands are always changing and evolving when it comes to packaging. In the competitive global market brands are always looking for ways to stand out from the pack. 


Packaging can do that in a big way. So what movements are on the horizon for packaging in 2019. 


1.) Flexibility 


Flexible packaging has become the go to design for product packaging in recent years. A FlexPack report from 2018 stated that it now accounts for 19% of all the packaging market as a whole in the United States. 


Within this market we see eco friendly packaging products moving into the lead by usage. Recyclable polyethylene and EVOH  products have replaced the more traditional constructions like pet/alu/pe for many applications. 


It is thought flexible packaging will gain even more popularity in the coming years as they are very convenient where transport and storage is concerned. This makes flat pouches far more user friendly than traditional rigid packaging Many designs also have additional features like reseal-ability or heat sealer closing.


2.) E commerce 


E commerce will continue it phenomenal growth with packaging in 2019. Despite many brick & mortar stores having the close E commerce continues to dominate the marketplace. 


This growth comes at a price though for may brands. Standing out becomes more difficult. Packaging in 2019 is set to become far more bespoke and personalized. 


Unusual and A typical packaging designs will start to become common place. 


At the same time however brands know that are treading a fine line. They will need to consider how much packaging is actually used on their product. Here less is more as brands who use less packaging will have this added to their environmental credentials. Like I say though it is a fine line as those who use too little will be seen as cheap and/or generic. Not only this but they could also risk damage to moisture sensitive goods or those that are fragile/break easily. 


3.) Environmentally Aware


Eco friendly and sustainable packaging has gathered great momentum in recent years. Consumers are becoming more conscious. With brands being driven by consumers they are naturally adapting their policies and strategies in line with changing buying decisions. 


Many brands are changing non recyclable plastic packaging with biodegradable or compostable alternatives. 


There are many benefits that come with these changes to packaging materials including a products weight becoming lower, this means less energy is used for transport. Hence that brand has a lower carbon footprint. 


The biggest of course is that the use of non toxic solutions are much better for both people and the environment in general as well as the natural ecosystem.


4.) Less equals more


As mentioned earlier the less is more phenomenon is creeping into packaging in 2019. That said stripping packaging down to just the essentials has been a popular choice for a while now. In 2019 though it is not just due to minimalism as a fashion statement. It is to reduce productions costs and promote the brand as one that is environmentally aware.  


Minimalism still has its place though. Consumers are more skeptical than ever and many would rather just know the most important facts rather than fell they are being distracted by overly designed packaging with too much information. 


Still though as with the unusual packaging trends mentioned above it is a fine line to get the balance right. A small amount of text say on some liquid packaging pouches will imply brand transparency at the cost of putting pressure on the remaining design elements to stand out from the competitors product.


5.) Nostalgia & Retro


Vintage packaging is making a come back. 


Many modern brands are using it with great effect to channel changing styles and up and coming packaging trends. 


It is a fast moving market and failure to keep up will mean your brands packaging may look out of date!


Deliberate Retro is the path chosen by many cool brands, particular those in the food & drink sectors. 


Here the designs are rooted in nostalgia taking customer back to their past. It can make them view the product through rose tinted glasses, not to mention vintage packaging adds big credibility to a brand. You know that air of authenticity? 


Trust here is big and this approach can be potentially lucrative for the brand.