Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards – 30,40,50%

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Three spot 30% – 40% – 50%

These Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator cards are ideal for monitoring humidity throughout the supply chain.
The blotting paper used on this design is free of Cobalt Chloride and is manufactured to conform to EU R49 safety directive.

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These Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards are impregnated with a Copper Chloride chemical solution that is moisture sensitive and will change color when the monitored relative humidity level is exceeded.

These cards are ideal for quantifying relative humidity levels within a sealed packaging environment. Manufactured to be Cobalt free in line with the EU safety directive (R46) on recording and classifying products containing Cobalt.

These units follow a simple color change process from Brown indicating acceptable levels of humidity through to a light blue during activation of a humidity threshold.

These indicators are easy to read and are highly visible to the naked eye. Those handling them in the supply chain can check and record the humidity reading quickly and accurately.

Usage of Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards

The primary market for Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards is in the industrial and military markets with the goal of ensuring products arrive in factory condition free of moisture and corrosion damage.

These cards are designed to monitor relative humidity levels within a sealed packaging enclosure. In addition many clients use them to monitor Silica Gel or Desiccant usage in order to tell if it has been exhausted or a ‘top up’ is required.

The cards are delivered in quantities of 250 sealed in a heavy duty polythene bag contained within an airtight sealed tin.

N.B. As soon as the cards are removed from the tin and packaging they will begin monitoring humidity. Ideally only remove from the tin when ready for use on shipments.


• Cobalt free chemical solution
• Ergonomic card design
• Three spot indications
• Accurate +/- 5% humidity measurement tolerance
• Easy to read

Technical Data

Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards
Paper based moisture indicator paper
Copper chloride indicating blots 30% – 40% – 50%
Card Dimensions

Warning – This product is intended for use only by suitable trained or qualified trade’s people.

For more information on cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator cards please visit the corporate Main site.

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