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Tech-Long – a Chinese company, which produces high-tech systems for the packaging and bottling industries, plans to make a big investment in its future in the Duluth region. This was announced by the company officials on Monday – the 24th of August.

Tech Long USA will invest $5 million in commercial finance towards expansion of its operations in the Duluth region. The company also plans to hire 130 new employees in the Gwinnett County for its expansion.

The company plans to grow its business in this region as part of its aggressive business expansion plans in the USA. According to Keith Boss, CEO at TL USA, the company is regularly launching new product innovations of interest to the country’s market. This expansion will reinforce the position of the company as a global leader in the packaging equipment business.

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Boss said they are looking forward to bringing additional investments and new competencies to the local region, thus contributing to the economy of Gwinnett County and the city of Duluth.

According to a press release from Gwinnett Chamber, the hiring of more than 100 new employees will be spread across a 10-year period. Tech-Long provides turnkey solutions and services to various multinational companies, including well-known U.S-based firms, such as Pepsi, Coke and Nestle. According to Gwinnett Chamber, Tech-Long’s customer base is spread across over 100 countries.

Tech-Long’s 25,000-square-foot facility on Rivergreen Court will play host to the Centre of Service Excellence and Parts for the USA. Some production operations too also might be housed at the facility as the company grows its presence in the North and South America.

Duluth’s Mayor Nancy Harris said that they are proud of TL’s success and that the company’s expansion is a great news for the city. The Mayor further added that the company’s ability to offer innovation to the marketplace is a win for the region’s community.

According to Commissioner Jace Brooks, Gwinnett County is the perfect location for global businesses to expand their base in the U.S. Brooks also said that Tech-Long’s expansion is a testimony to the opportunities for innovation and dynamic workforce that’s present in the area’s community.

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