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Last year, Supreme Petfoods, a pet food packaging manufacturer, found itself in trouble when presentation of its products took a beating.

The film, from which the bags were manufactured, was getting stuck to the shrink film of the bags. As a result, when heat passed through these films, the staff members invariably pulled off part of the film when they removed the outer region.

This gave a shabby look to the bags. Hence, it became mandatory for Supreme Petfoods to think of an alternative food packaging wrapper to keep customer complaints at bay.

As the company had previously brought equipments from Gordian, they turned to them for help.

Gordian advised using horizontal stretch wrapping as a solution. As this would do away with the heating process, it would prevent the welding of the two films together.

Even though the smaller size of the bags created some kind of design problem for Gordian, they had a handy solution ready.

The engineers in Gordian developed an automatic support mechanism, with the aim of supporting the cause of Supreme Petfoods.

How Gordian’s Food Packaging Wrapper Helped Supreme Petfoods

The shiny surface and the compact designs of the new food packaging wrapper brought in a new challenge for Supreme Petfoods.

The problem was that there were chances of the stacks being toppled over as they passed through the wrapper. Even this problem was overcome with a simple solution. An adjustable product support guide was introduced so that the bags did not fall off from their position.

The changes noticed after the introduction of the horizontal stretch wrapping were amazing.

Once the first problem of presentation was addressed successfully, Supreme observed a lot of other benefits.

The power consumption to manufacture the new food packaging wrapper drastically reduced to 1.75kw from its earlier 22kw. The efficiency of the company also increased by 5% as the scope for rework became almost negligible.

Even the cost per pack was significantly reduced to two pence from nine to eight pence per pack.

Supreme is yet to implement an increase in the number of bundles on a pallet, which is expected to improve efficiencies further.

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