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Recently, Childs Farm has entrusted Spectra Packaging with the task of creating new bottles for their esteemed skincare and hair range for children and babies.

Spectra Packaging is a leading manufacturer of a range of plastic closures, recycled packaging, plastic bottles, PET bottles and HDPE bottles to customers across the UK.

Childs Farm is an award winning British brand that was established by Joanna Jensen – a mother of two.

The company uses essential oils and natural organic elements to produce a variety of mild toiletries with attractive smell that care for the skin and hair of children, babies and newborns.

After being entrusted the task by Childs Farm, Spectra has delivered new 150ml packs, which are its latest containers and match earlier bottles from its broad range of standard offerings.

Strong Ties Between Spectra Packaging and Childs Farm

The new containers are moulded in PET and designed to match other products of Childs Farm, which include Spectra Packaging’s 250ml and 50ml HDPE Tubulars.

Joanna Jensen of Childs Farm said her company was amongst a few baby and child ranges that go through controlled and clinical user trials.

These trials, she said, certify their products to be dermatologically approved and tested, in addition to being approved by paediatricians to be fit for children and newborns with eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

She added further that with delicious smell and attractive, funny looks, the Childs Farm range of products are something every child would want to use.

Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients that are extremely effective for moisturising and cleaning, and yet gentle, these products can meet varied skin needs of children.

Even those with eczema-prone or sensitive skin can have their share of bathroom fun with their siblings and friends by using these organic products.

Thus, families would no longer need to purchase different toiletries to meet different skin care needs of their children as a single Childs Farm product can do it all for them.

Spectra Packaging’s Field Sales Representative – Gary Allard said that over the past two years, they have worked closely with Childs Farm.

He added they were delighted when asked by them to supply these latest bottles. He signed off saying Spectra looks forward to creating a strong, continuing relationship with Childs Farm as their product range continues its promising run.

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