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Now we know for sure. Sonoco Alloyd & Rethink Robotics are teaming up to form a strategic alliance

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Now we know for sure. Sonoco Alloyd & Rethink Robotics are teaming up to form a strategic alliance.
The goal here is to deliver a complete manufacturing solution to its packaging clients.
The company is headquartered in DeKalb, Illinois and is considered a leader in both medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging.
The plan is to incorporate the innovative robots of Rethink Robotics into their line of heat sealer machines.

Sonoco Alloyd will be offering Rethink’s Sawyer and Baxter robot models. These will be sold by the Sonoco sales force giving their customers the ability to automate their bespoke packing lines with what is a adaptable, versatile and affordable solution.

Sonoco Alloyd Wants to Encourage Innovation!

Sonoco representatives have said that the partnership with one of the worlds leading robotics technology companies will combine with Sonoco’s world class heat sealer systems to provide a complete & unique solution, within a small time frame.

They went onto say that the solution was in part created as a result of feedback they had been given in the field. This customer driven innovation is all about improving the nature of the services that they offer.

Sonoco already uses Rethink Robotics technology in their own factory! Now they want to pass on the benefits to their clients production operations.

These kind of calculated & intelligent robotic systems are pioneering and are becoming an absolute necessity for global manufacturers in today’s competitive market.

Indeed the future for manufacturers will be a robotic one!