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Rethink Robotics and Sonoco Alloyd (a unit of Sonoco – the international packaging leader) have recently announced a strategic collaboration.

The aim of the alliance is to deliver pioneering and complete manufacturing solutions to the packaging consumers of Sonoco Alloyd.

Based in DeKalb, Ill., Sonoco Alloyd is considered to be a leader in retail and medical packaging design solutions.

It will incorporate the collaborative robots of Rethink Robotics into its line of sealing machines to offer its customers an all-inclusive automation solution.

Rethink’s Sawyer and Baxter robots will be sold via Sonoco Alloyd’s sales force. As a result of this partnership, the manufacturing consumers of Sonoco Alloyd will be able to automate their custom packaging lines completely with the availability of adaptable, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Sonoco Alloyd New Partnership Set to encourage Innovation

Jeff Christensen, General Manager/Vice President of Sonoco Alloyd shared his thoughts about the partnership. He said that collaborating with the leading robot technologies of the industry like Rethink Robotics, along with Sonoco’s world class sealing systems, would help the company provide a complete and a unique solution to its customers that will bring real results within a small timeframe.

He also added that people at his company are continually listening to the customers’ advice and suggestions, using the feedback to develop new ideas that help improve the nature of services and solutions on offer.

Rethink Robotics provides a different kind of technology that Sonoco has started using in its factories. The company is now capable of letting the benefits pass on to its customers as well.

Scott Eckert, President and CEO of Rethink Robotics, shared his thoughts about the alliance. He called Sonoco Alloyd a pioneer in its domain.

He said that the company provides pioneering technology that international manufacturers require to be successful in today’s competitive market.

According to him, since Sonoco knows that collaborative robots will play a significant role in the future of manufacturing, they have decided to forge this alliance.

He added further that this alliance will let Sonoco to offer extra value to the consistent automation it’s already offering its customers.

For manufacturers everywhere, this strategic alliance between two great companies is sure to bring a huge benefit. To know more about Sonoco Alloyd, you can take a look at Short Form Consultants.