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Smart Packaging & Connected Packaging Systems are now being widely adopted by companies looking for brand recognition and protection.

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Everyday Technology usage now includes active and smart packaging systems as an integral part!


Brand are utilizing intelligent packaging to achieve a variety of results. From brand promotion to ensuring brand protection they are taking advantage of the many benefits associated with this methodology. 


In the supply chain smart & connected packaging systems are receiving very positive feedback with real world benefits. No longer a novelty these systems are ensuring that goods stay monitored and traceable whilst being transported and stored. 



Connected Packaging is not a new phenomenon, it has been around for several years. It is only now though enjoying widespread adoption in industry. Many connected packaging systems now focus on being manufacturer orientated allowing clients to track and trace their products through the complicated production and distribution supply chains. 


Both the end users and the clients themselves have demonstrated that they want any additional tech to add real world value. Previous attempts with ‘technology gimmicks’ have been shown to not achieve this!


It have been a problem for the manufactures of connected packaging as many clients were at first skeptical to adopt any new systems that don’t really serve them. Why spend money on something that does not assist the primary function of their primary mil prf 131k spec packaging?


Many feel smart and connected packaging has much more to offer when the correct strategy is applied!


The interest seems to be being generated when marketeers wise up to the compelling case for achieving brand engagement when the packaging technology is properly paired with creative ‘out of the box’ thinking. Also the correct strategy is in place, it needs a specific (not just implied) purpose. 


The growth seems to be more prevalent in some sectors than others. One example would be a UK manufacture of precision heat sealers and their components. Breakages were common as well as damaging their reputation. Their introduction of a shockwatch system has led to a 67% reduction in damages. 


According to 360 market updates the connected packaging market as a whole is valued at a huge $17.48 billion dollars in 2017. They also forecast growth in the region of $28 billion by 2023. A massive upwards trend!


The next goal for the connected packaging systems industry is to bring costs down. Pragmatic, a specialist in low cost electronics has a portfolio of patented products that they want to bring to the market. They believe these will be key in accelerating the growth of the smart packaging market.


One such product, the FlexIC uses a ultra thin metal foil laminate substrate that is suitable for adhesion onto paper and plastic. Complexity is reduced by just using a single layer of material. The company has recently announced a strategic partnership with Muhlbauer technology who are renowned for their smart label production. They are tasked with delivering practical solutions to help support the integration of the FlexIC technology further.