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Silica Gel Packets

The detrimental effects of damage to export goods is well documented. The harsh reality is that it often results in vast amounts of lost revenue, often the accountability lies with those responsible for their transportation through the supply chain.

Whether goods packing is done internally by your organisation or outsourced to a cargo Logistics Company you may have had a bad experience with this or wisely be looking for a preventative measure.

Awareness and usage of Silica Gel packets is widespread but now in recent years it has proved itself to be the most effective solutions for absorbing moisture thus protecting goods in transit. The popularity is signalled as freight personnel inform us they are highly effective, consumable and very easy to use as they can simply be placed inside your container before whatever chosen foil packaging is sealed over them.

In terms of for moisture absorbing products we see that Silica Gel Packets have remained the most popular design for their versatile customisable sizes and ease of use. As technology has improved we have witnessed new delivery methods in desiccant poles, Silica Gel packets and well as the self – indicating and molecular sieve variations.

The problem of moisture ingress which often results in corrosion damage would be at epidemic proportions in today’s global market yet it is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the simple effectiveness of desiccant products.

Quantity is something that needs to be calculated carefully, but it’s a simple desiccant formula that needs to applied, often we consult with clients to account for any climate changes that may occur during shipping and other environmental factors that may fluctuate through its journey.

Even for larger products being shipped that require intensive desiccation volume and the delivery is not a problem with standard bags being supplied up to 1kg per pack.

Anyone involved in Product Packaging will be aware that when either shipping by sea freight, pallet delivery or special air freight the goals are to optimally pack goods to avoid breakage by securing properly and minimising movement.

The next priority is easily to keep the goods protected against moisture and corrosion damage. Silica Gel and Desiccant bags are the number one solution to these exposure problems.

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