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Shockwatch Shipping Labels continually prove themselves as industry’s preferred product for deterring and preventing vibration and shock damage.

For nearly 35 years this patented design and technology has been available as part of a range of market leading products that protect products from shock and tilt movements in transit. Ideal for nearly any transport method including rail, pallet, air, ocean and intermodal shipping services.

When shipping fragile goods it’s wise to be conscious of the poor handling that many goods unfortunately receive in transit.

The reality is that many couriers and transport logistics companies put emphasis on speed rather than the quality of handling the goods receive. This problem is made worse by often long and complicated supply chains which can end in long term warehouse storage.

Accountability here has always been difficult. Goods move faster than ever in the “just in time” delivery culture.

Manufactured to order or from stock these items are expected in factory condition. This as we know means completely defect free but we also know this presents a major challenge when working with a third party courier service.

Using Shockwatch Shipping Labels – is this the solution?

To employ your own delivery fleet is UN economical for most organisations so yes we can say in this respect it has never made more sense to use courier logistics to deliver your product.

As a consumable packaging product Shockwatch Shipping Labels are economically enough to be used extensively on most sensitive freight. Either as a self-adhesive label or supplied as clip for fitting onto smaller items there are a wide variety of specifications to suit a variety of shipping damage problems.

Not only do Shockwatch Shipping Labels attract awareness from whoever is handling them that the shipment is being monitored they add a degree of accountability in that they warn the receiver not to sign for the goods if the indicator shows red.

This gives piece of mind and improves brand perception for you the supplier to some extent, it shows an organization that takes goods delivery seriously and one that has a commitment to goods arriving UN damaged.

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