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Valdamark Direct supplies Shockwatch Labels as a solution to prevent and deter bad handling during shipping. Secure Ordering. Fast UK Delivery.

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Shockwatch labels are designed to easily attach to your package in order to prevent and deter poor handling in transit. 


Shockwatch Indicators are the ‘go to’ product for those looking to protect their valuable goods travelling through the supply chain. 


It is no secret that nowadays couriers and transportation services put emphasis on speed rather than the quality of care goods receive when being handled. 


Often they can arrive damaged/defected or not in factory condition. 


This ‘damage in transit’ problem cost industry globally an estimated $2 billion in lost revenue. 


The problem is too big to ignore. Businesses not only experience damage to their products but also damage to reputation. 


Shockwatch not only prevent damage and save money but also show that your company takes delivery seriously. Improving brand perception. 


Shockwatch stickers contains a red vial at the center of the unit. This is designed to break when a pre-determined level of G force is applied to product. 


Once the package experiences damage or a significant level of impact, the vial breaks releasing a red dye. 


This leaves both the shipper and the receiver in no doubt poor handling has occurred.  


The level of G force corresponds with the dimensions of the package your are applying it to. This can be easily calculated using the Shock watch selection chart. 


In addition to Shockwatch we also stock a Tiltwatch XTR and Tip N Tell Labels to monitor goods being kept horizontal and upright.


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