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Shockwatch Impact Indicators – Ensuring Safety Of Your Products

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are part of a wide range of products developed by the company to keep your products safe and secure while packaged. Impact indicators are highly visible even from a long distance. Once the impact level crosses the predetermined limit, they will be activated and start glowing immediately. The device alerts the packaging staff handling it that additional care is required. It is normally mounted on the packaging container itself.

Shockwatch Impact Indicators come in many shapes and sizes. For instance, Label, a single used product, is the main product of the company which is available in five different sensitives. It contains a proprietary tube which you can attach directly to the package. Easily and conveniently.

Similarly, the purpose of ShockWatch is to determine whether the products have been damaged during packaging and transit or not. They are tamperproof, field-armable devices which glow brightly if an impact greater than the set threshold level occurs. For larger shipments weighing more than 500 pounds, there is Mag 2000 which is a reusable, resettable indicator which records the angel and direction of the impact.

Shockwatch Impact Indicators Measure the Impact on Products

Most packages are dampening in nature which means that they experience greater impact as compared to the product inside. In order to accurately measure the actual impact on the product itself, you can also attach the impact indicator directly to the product.

For example, Shockwatch Clip is an indicator which indicates whether a product has experienced an impact which can potentially result in misalignment and if there is any need for realignment. Similarly, you can add Shockwatch Tube to the product design for the applications that require a lot of embedding in the transportation process.

Shockwatch Impact Indicators have proven their worth time and again in the transportation industry. They provide concrete evidences of mishandling and greatly decreases the chances of any mishap during transit. They also warn you to check your package before accepting in addition to acting as a visual deterrent to prevent improper handling. They ensure effective packaging as well as maintain chain of accountability throughout the process of handling.

For more information on Shockwatch labels please visit our partner site to learn more about impact indicators.