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At FachPack 2015, to be held in Nuremberg Hall between 29th of September and 1st of October, Schmersal Group will present innovative technology system solutions for the packaging industry.

This will include its all-inclusive AS-i safety portfolio and PROTECT PSC1 safety controller. These system solutions offer a lot of benefits. They provide quick monitoring functions along with hygiene-compliant design, high levels of manipulation protection and easy fitting.

For machine constructors, high unit numbers and meeting the rising demands from clients to provide them with an extensive range of products and packaging are a real challenge. This is why packaging and filling machines are usually of modular design to adapt to the ever-changing market demands quickly and meet them.

This also facilitates efficient and simple format changes for a vast range of packaging sizes.

Schmersal’s Safety Technology System Solutions Allow Flexible Adjustments to Applications

PROTECT PSC1 programmable safety controller of Schmersal can be expanded on a modular basis. It can be easily adjusted to a particular machine configuration. Thanks to the elective SD Bus Gateway that can be combined with it, a maximum of 31 sensors (featuring diagnostics functions which are expandable) can be linked straightaway to the PSC1 compact controller and examined.

This way, the cabling work is decreased considerably as is the space needed in the control cabinet. Stainless steel nuts are used to fix the connecting cables and y-junctions of SD-BUS. It’s interesting to note that the cables are significantly resistant to detergents, which makes them ideal to be laid in open cable ducts, as is the trend these days.

Schmersal’s light grids and safety light curtains in the SLC/SLG 440 series are now available with integrated interfaces for the AS-i Safety System. With the AS-i Safety programme of the company, extremely flexible adjustment of safety functions can be made to the application.

Switchgear and safety sensors with AS-i interfaces are linked to master monitor combinations. The Safety Separated model allows constant integration of the safety circuit into the standard controller, which decreases downtimes and makes the diagnostics quite simplified.

The company also offers a Safety Integrated model. Once either of these two models is installed, machine operators can expand or adjust the system at any time.

This refers to expansion with extra safety switchgear and to the switchgear’s configuration (e.g. filter times, stop category, safety connections etc.).

To view all these features from close quarters, you can visit Schmersal at Stand 505 of Hall 4A during FachPack 2015.

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