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The company started using recycled materials in all its TV boxes as a way to reduce pollution and save natural resources.

The commitment was revealed by Samsung vice-chairman and CEO Jong Han during a pre-show keynote event at CES 2022. The new pledges will see them expand upon current practices of using Styrofoam with expanded interior packages made from 100% postconsumer paper products. These include inserts like PS trays or box holders that will be filled exclusively with nonwovens fabrics made out of regenerated fiber as well high quality HDPE bottles instead of foil bags. These new paper products will provide protection against dirt/dust particles due to their durability when carrying heavy or aukwardly sized objects.

The eco-friendly packaging programme currently underway at Samsung aims to tranform cardboard boxes into cat houses or other useful furniture items. As reported in their latest sustainability statement released this week ,the company has plans to roll this out across all regions where they operate

This year, the company is adding packaging for other appliances to their sustainability programme. This includes vacuum sealers as well as other cleaning tools in addition to TV box manufacturing materials that were previously recycled at rate of only 50%.

In addition to expanding the use of recycled materials, Samsung has established a partnership with Patagonia. The two companies will work together on reducing microplastics released throughout their product’s lifecycle by up to 50%.

This is an exciting time for environmentally conscious consumers! Brands are starting to recognize that our planet needs more care, so they’re trying their best to mitigate the enviromental impact throughuse of certain packaging materials.

Han added “We will continue explore new partnerships and collaborations” which means we can expect even better news soon enough.”

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