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Valdamark EVAPO RUST ® rust remover for metal is an eco-friendly product that works to remove surface rust from metal parts without the need for manual effort.

Metal Rust Treatment benefits

The high performance rust treatment formula features many benefits, not least the fact that despite being able to remove rust with relative ease, it remains harmless to the composition and plating of your items. It won’t even effect non-oxide coated paints as this rust removal agent has a neutral PH level.

Furthermore EVAPO RUST® is odourless, non-acidic and can even be reused for some rust treatment applications, depending on how established the corrosive layer has become. It also does not need to be used in conjunction with any additional chemicals.

The process begins to take effect within minutes of the parts being immersed in the EVAPO Rust solution.
The process is simple and highly effective. Clean parts in preparation for immersion, making sure they are free from oil & dirt. Rinse off with clean water then immerse in the rust cleaner liquid.

The product performs optimally in temperature conditions of 60◦f or higher. The length of time required for immersion will naturally depend on the severity and how well established the rust is.

If the corrosion is light and you can just see evidence of surface rust we recommend a light soak for 5 to 30 minutes. In the case of intermediate rust this could take up to four hours. For metal parts rust that is visibly severe we advise soaking overnight.

This product is considered to be highly a economical rust treatment in that just one gallon of this solution will de rust approximately 300lb’s of light to moderate corroded steel.

Once the rust removal has been completed you may want to apply a coating to your product. For this prepare the surface by rinsing the item with cold water and soap, towel or cloth dry and apply the paint coating as per the manufacturer’s advice and instructions.

You can even use this product as a preventative measure, meaning it can be used as a temporary rust inhibitor in conjunction with other protective VCI packaging products.

Store the product in a cool dry place and keep away from sunlight to guarantee performance ‘out of the box’. We do not recommend it is stored at a temperature above 130◦f / 55◦C.

As long as no dangerous contaminants are introduced to the solution it can be safely and easily disposed of down the drain. We do however advise that you check with your local authority to confirm any national or international regulations that may be applicable to industrial waste disposal.

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