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Corrosion X™ Anti Corrosion Spray | 475ml Aerosol | Advanced Corrosion Protection Formula

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Corrosion X™ rust inhibitor is a market leading high performance lubricant and penetrate. This superior formulation has earned Corrosion X a reputation as being the world’s best rust prevention products with households and industry alike.


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How do Corrosion X™ Anti Corrosion Spray work?

Corrosion X™ Anti Corrosion sprays give users ‘piece of mind’ on application when it comes to outstanding corrosion protection. Unlike alternatives the unique technology used here causes typical metals like Iron and stainless steel to chemically behave more similarly to noble metals. You can also use it on Gold, platinum, copper, brass, aluminium and bronze.

Put simply this means that when Corrosion X is present on metal. Rust cannot occur.

Using a patented technology called ‘Polar Bonding’ the product not only works to delay the corrosion process.  In addition it will eradicate any pre-existing corrosion and rust. Thus stopping it from spreading. This technology continues to work long after application. Forming a protective layer over the metal surface protecting from rust in the long term.

How to apply Corrosion X Anti Corrosion Sprays

• Prevent Rust – use this anti-corrosion spray to stop rust on anything that you do not want rusting. Try applying to a cloth for a ‘wipe over’ solution on metal tools and parts.
• Penetrate – the unbeatable performance of this product will work faster and further than any other products you may have used in the past. Nut and bolt fittings that have suffered rust and corrosion can usually be disassembled in a matter of minutes.
• Lubrication – great performance for a range of diverse applications. Bicycle Chains, locks, cable wires and wheels are all ideal, as is any metal part that requires lubrication.
• Electronics protection – highly effective on battery terminal, charger units, fans, and electric motors.

Benefits of Corrosion X Oil

• Advantages over traditional rust prevention lubricants are many. The formula is not easy to displace and by design is very resilient to pressure, friction and moisture.
• Excellent bond mechanics, sticks to metal like a magnet.
• Excellent durability and longevity. Corrosion X lasts longer. It is particularly true for outdoor environments. Here exposure to harsh marine and coastal environments with rain and sunlight will challenge ordinary rust prevention methods.
• Non Toxic and Non Carcinogenic. Non Flamable when not in aerosol format.
• Low Volatile Organic Content (VCO) of between 4-7%. That’s 10x better than the rivals on you, your products and the environment.

MIL–PRF-8109F Corrosion X anti rust spray is the only product available to the general public that is approved to the United States Navy’s strict corrosion inhibition and control performance specifications.

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For more information on Anti rust Spray and rust inhibitors please visit the corporate site.

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