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Perigol® VCI 230 | Anti Corrosion Oil Spray 500ml

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Perigol® VCI 230 is an anti-corrosion oil spray that is great for protecting hard to reach interior metal surfaces. It can protect a wide range of metals including steel, iron, copper and aluminium alloys.

Convenient aerosol spray application. Bulk drum are available for larger items that require immersion or dipping.


Perigol Anti Corrosion Oil Spray

Perigol is an anti-corrosion oil that utilises sophisticated corrosion inhibitors that are resistant to hydrolysis and do not emulsify in water. This formula works both in direct contact and also via the vapor phase (as a vapor phase inhibitor).

The Perigol® VCI 230 is designed to reach the metal surfaces in awkward spaces that cannot (or should not) come in direct contact with the oil.

One of the pre requisites, or best practices for optimal corrosion protection is to have a hermitically (heat sealed) enclosed environment or space in which the inhibitors can activate.

This formula is capable of protecting a variety of metals including steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium alloys & full or part galvanised steel.

So for example any kind of housing or enclosure can be protected on the inside without having to completely cover/fill the environment with oil!

Benefits of Perigol Anti Corrosion Oil Spray

  • Works effectively via both direct contact e.g. spray application and also the vapor phase e.g. direct contact, essentially the VCI corrosion inhibitor molecules evaporate onto metal surfaces within the proximity of the enclosed environment.
  • Free of barium, amine, ester and is hydrolysis resistant.
  • Works effectively with non-ferrous metals.
  • Non emulsifiable
  • Easy to apply and remove, even after storage.
  • Compatible with cathodic dip coating.
  • Conforms fully with TRGS 615.

How to use

  1. VCI spray 230 should be applied to surfaces that are dry, clean and corrosion free.
  2. Can be applied by spraying or either by immersion or painting application.
  3. Ideally application should be carried out directly once the metal part requiring protection is within its enclosure ready to be heal sealed.
  4. If a suitable heat sealer machine is not a possibility then the parts must be wrapped as tightly as possible immediately following application. This creates as best as possible, good conditions for the VCI’s protective atmosphere to build up!
  5. The benefit of anti-corrosion spray oil’s like this one is that with pre-treatment you can achieve good corrosion protection with high density shipments and areas that are usually hard for the active VCI molecules.
  6. VCI spray 230 forms an even, oily film. Following transport or storage it can be removed using aqueous alkaline cleaners.
  7. Once the flexible packaging enclosure is open the VCI components within will all evaporate within 1 – 2 hours

Chemical Composition

This product contains a sulfonate based anti-corrosion additive, special mineral oil raffinates and VCI based fatty acid derivatives.


  • This anti corrosion spray formula is ready to use and can be applied by spraying, immersion or painting.
  • Stir and/or shake product before use.
  • After use, seal container properly to avoid VCI degradation.
  • Apply at temperatures between 20°C & 60°C.
  • Immersion time < 20 seconds + drip off time of 5 – 15 minutes.
  • Approximate dosage 250ml/m³
  • Thickness per layer 2 – 4 µ
  • Removal should be conducted in line with VDA 230-213.

Product Specification

Density/15°C, DIN EN ISO 12185 @ 900 kg/m³

Viscosity/40°C, DIN 51562 @ 24.0 mm²/s

Flashpoint, DIN EN ISO 2592 > 100°C

Solvent content 5% by weight

Corrosion Protection Test

Jar Test in line with DIN EN ISO 6270-2 @ min.30 cycles


Please store this product between temperatures +10°C  & 30°C. Stir before use! 24 month minimum protection.

Use in conjunction with Zerust Excor Bags for optimal protection.

Additional information

Number of 500ml Cans

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