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Surface rust on metal surfaces can be costly for business and the domestic user alike.

When complete elimination is needed of any surface rust is needed. Corrosion X rust remover is a market leading product. The formula completely eradicates the surface rust that can occur on iron and steel surfaces.

Disposal is easy, this earth friendly formula does not cause damage to the environment and prevents any disruptive side effects like fumes or soil damage.

Furthermore this product is free from solvents, acidic components, voc components. As well as being non – flammable and odourless its even harmless to whoever handles it.

This product is only aggressive when cleaning rust, it can be applied topically or as recommended using a cloth or sponge.

For Corrosion that may have become establish or aged we recommend you use this rust treatment in a immersion bath. You can use a plastic bucket for this.

Rust Remover on metal – Corrosion X

For this method using Corrosion X™ rust remover follow these simple steps. Always read the label.

How to clean rust

1.) Prepare parts before immersion with a towel or cloth, making sure all oil and dirt is cleaned off.

2.) Rinse off with clean water and then place carefully in the immersion bath.

3.) Leave stood in a temperature no greater than 60◦f. This will guarantee optimal performance.

4.) For light corrosion with some degree of surface rusting a light soak of 20 – 30 minutes will probably be sufficient for removal. This could however take up to a few hours for more severe cases.

5.) For items with heavy corrosion thick on the surface we recommend soaking overnight.

6.) Remove from the bath. Rinse and dry.

You can use this rust remover on a variety of items. Cars, bikes, HGV’s and boats can all be treated. It’s proved highly useful though to anyone restoring metal parts or equipment.

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We strongly advise you to treat your newly cleaned with surface with one of the above Corrosion X protective coatings.

This will stop the surface from rusting and prevent build up in the future.

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