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Rust Converter & Rust Removers

Rust or Corrosion can occur on the majority of metals, in particular iron and it’s alloy steel.

This surface rust is what we know as ‘common rust’.

The brown flaky texture that is easily pliable.

To answer the question what is rust? We need to look at the reaction that takes place.

It’s a simple one between iron and oxygen when moisture is present either as a vapour or liquid.

This moisture is the main culprit for rust formation. It’s worth mentioning that with any amount of time rust can form to varying degrees.

On some metals the corrosion that forms can actually act as a protective outer layer, sometimes called a ‘patina’ layer but in the case of steel or iron it is

Rust Converter & Rust Removers cont’d

Valdmark supply the high performance range of Corrosion X products. This is includes advanced anti rust spray bottles and a sophisticated rust remover liquid.

The anti rust spray is more suited as a corrosion prevention method. Great when used as both a lubricant and penetrant.

The rust removal liquid is ideal and is generally considered to be the best rust treatment on the market.

When using this rust converter you must first decide how established the corrosion is.

Light corrosion may just require a topical application with a cloth whilst more established growth may require immersion. This can be done in a suitably sized plastic bucket.

When using the rust removal liquid for best results follow these instructions.

1. Clean parts making sure there free of any surface dirt or particles.

2. Clean with cold water and place carefully in the immersion bath once filled.

3. Leave to stand at 60◦f for the best conditions.

4. For light corrosion this product can convert rust in as little as 20 – 30 minutes. For items with heavier build up an overnight soak may be required.

5. Take out of the back and rinse thoroughly.

This information is given in good faith but is by no means a substitute for the advice given on the label. Please read relevant technical data sheet and material safety data sheets.

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