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The robotics industry finds itself at an inflection point. The baton is being handed from the scientists to the practitioners who apply the technology. 

A good historical comparison would that of the Thomas Edison’s of the world a hundred plus years ago. By harnessing the innovations of the day like the Faraday cage principle they were able to create phenomenal businesses and wealth. 

In recent time Automation and robotics had been the stuff of tomorrows world, reserved only for smart manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Now you can see it whilst cooking in your kitchen tossing a salad.

A wave of news has hit recently with Chowbotics being acquires by DoorDash whilst Miso Robotics devices are being hired as chefs at white castle burgers. I could go on but the point is these technologies are being seen as viable, short term solutions for customer service and kitchen operations. 

It is no secret that fast food chains are looking to automate their kitchens at quite an interesting time. Over 42% of small businesses in the hospitality trade are reporting a job application shortage that shows no signs of slowing. 

One McDonald’s franchisee who was recently stopped from reopening his restaurant was quoted as staying ‘stimulus and unemployment are killing the workforce”. It is this labour void that is exacerbating the drive towards more automation. 

Retail Opportunities for Automation & Robotics

One of the latest entrants into the automated food preparation space is Adam Lloyd Cohen at Now Cuisine. What makes Now Cuisine different is that unlike focusing on augmenting kitchen equipment, workflows and processes Cohen offers business an innovative franchise model that focusses around robot ready kiosks. 

Capitalising on the shift towards off premise dining away from dining rooms due to the pandemic Now Cuisines solution appears to be far more cost effective for operators than teaming up with the numerous third party delivery co.’s that have also rapidly increased in popularity. (Uber Eats, Door Dash to name a few). 

Cohens theory is that with labour in such short supply and stubbornly high staff turnovers running a restaurant will continue to increase in cost making his proposal more attractive. 

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