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Revamped packaging seems to be the favour of the season among fast-food chains. After leading fast-food chains – KFC and McDonald’s – refreshed their packaging sometime back, Burger King (BK) has decided to follow suit.

Earlier this month, this global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants contacted the London office of Turner Duckworth for a revamped packaging of its products.

According to the brand’s spokeswoman, Burger King is attempting to position itself more consistently on an international scale, and the new packaging would be a part of its overall brand strategy.

What the Revamped Packaging Would Look Like

The brand’s logo will remain the same in the revamped packaging. However, the new design will include retooled wrappers, cups, containers and heat seal bags. Apart from a design update of its packaging Burger King also plans to update its in-store experience.

The brand’s spokeswoman said that for decades, BK restaurants have got global recognition as a premium, iconic brand.

She added further how the brand has grown to over 14,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, and that people have been working to boost the brand’s consistency across the world.

She said that the first step towards achieving this goal was to refine Burger King’s global brand positioning, thus ensuring that every guest experience is driven by a single cohesive brand.

She emphasised that the rollout of BK’s new global food packaging was the latest development of this positioning, which celebrates the brand’s delicious, prepared-to-order food and its desire to offer a fun and authentic experience for all its guests.

However, the spokeswoman didn’t talk about what the next steps would be in this rollout. She simply said that over time, people will continue to see BK’s refined brand identity come alive in exciting and newer ways.

Interestingly, news from another source said that Burger King’s business got a boost from the return of its “Chicken Fries.” On July 27, its parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. said that sales shot up by 7.9% at Burger King locations in the Canada and U.S. during the second quarter.

This was in contrast to McDonald’s sales last week that dipped by 2% in the U.S. as promotions failed to meet expectations. With its revamped packaging, Burger King now hopes to make its sales sizzle across its wide range of products.

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