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Pet food maker Perzeba launches a new dry bulk container liner for it cat food product Paintainer®. Easy to use and refillable it is sure to be a hit with pet owners. 


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Pet food marketing company Petzeba launches a 5 ltr dry bulk container liner that holds up to 2.5kg of cat food. 



Take a look at this new injection-molded container introduced by RPC Superofos. The product features an in mold label that contains Unipak design measuring cups. These help to ensure users measure the correct quantities for their pet food. 


The patented Paintainer® design is market leading as a moisture barrier packaging solution. Keeping the contents safe from oxygen is essential for preserving aroma and taste.  Products will often have relatively short shelf lives that are reduced further by oxygen and gas ingress. 


The moisture barrier features in particular are a key driver for Petzeba and most pet food packaging products for that matter. 


Cats are notoriously fussy about the quality of food that they eat. They are known to be very sensitive and can detect the freshness of food on first sniff. 


Markus Zemp, the founder and MD at Petzeba has commented that the cats exacting requirements are why it is so important to use barrier packaging films to keep oxygen out and preserve freshness. 


This product packaging and a focus on the quality of ingredients mean that the cat food can reach the customer as intended, in factory condition. 


Petzeba have chosen this style of packaging for another reason too in that it is very easy to use. 


Often packaging innovations like this will not make it past the consideration phase of product development as they are very user focused or friendly. 


Here Petzeba has designed a packaging that is a simple open and close packaging bag design. It relatively small size means it is easy to carry and maneuver as well as store when not needed. 


It fits easily into most convenient spaces in the home with owners being able to simply top up the cat food as required from the bag and into the bowl. 


Customers can also reuse it with multi refills no problem. Here sustainability is another key driver for Perzeba as they want to utilize packaging designs that work into the medium and long term. 


They also plan to launch a similar storage system for dry dog food in the near future.