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Removing Rust

Rust is essentially Iron Oxide. It is formed by a reaction between iron and oxygen, this occurs when moisture is either present as a vapor or liquid.

So what is rust? You may think it all looks the same but you may be surprised to hear there are several different types of corrosion. These can be distinguished by the naked eye and can be identified under the microscope using a process called spectroscopy.

They type depends on the conditions the rust forms under. When given enough time any iron matter will transform to Rust and/or disintegrate.

The texture of rust is usually flaky and easily pliable in your hand. This is no protective layer allowing the under layer of iron to be exposed to corrosion almost immediately.

This is very different to other metals like Copper which form ‘patina’ layers that actually act as a protective barrier to further rust.

Rust is a common occurrence with it’s main catalyst being water.

Often structures and products that look structurally sound and strong can have metal corrosion occurring at a molecular level.

Of course many other metals do experience Corrosion. This includes iron and all its alloys like steel etc. The difference is the oxidation process.

The oxides that form under iron create the look and feel that we know as everyday rust.

This effectively answers the question what it is.

It has been identified as a set of characteristics as a result of a oxidation process that allows the red and orange layer we know to form. No let’s look at removing rust from metal.

Removing Rust and how to treat it?

Rust removers or rust converters are generally considered to be the best choice for rust removal and prevention.

This chemical liquid is applied directly to the surface of the metal alloy where the action is a two part water based chemical liquid containing both tannic acid and organic polymer component.

The acid reacts with the corrosion to form a black ‘tannish’ layer which is much more effective at rust protection.

The Organic Polymer or Organic solvent is usually 2-Butoxyethanol or butyl cellosolve as it is commercially known. Put simply this acts as a ‘wetting’ carrier to create a protective primer layer.

Removing Rust – the product

Corrosion X ™ rust removal liquid is considered to be the best rust treatment on the market.

Alternatively the Corrosion X™ Anti Corrosion Spray is market leading for it’s corrosion protection properties. This formula use a unique and patented polar bonding technology to both stop the rusting process and eradicate and pre-existing corrosion.

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