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Procter & Gamble Fabric Care has decided to go one step ahead towards environment conservation. The company has recently announced that 230 million bottles of various flagship brands like Lenor, Ariel, Dash and Lenor Unstoppables will be manufactured using recycled packaging techniques.

It’s interesting to note that this is the company’s fourth environment-friendly action within a span of eighteen months.

P&G is of the opinion that if all the 230 million bottles are placed end to end, it will cover a distance equivalent to the one between the South Pole and the North Pole.

It has been also said that the first set of P&G Fabric Care bottles made out of recycled plastic will be out in the market by 2016.

With this initiative, the amount of recycled materials used by P&G every year will increase by 3.8 kilo tonnes. The company said that the objective of such a step is to increase the quantity of recycled materials in its packaging.

What Prompted P&G’s Move Towards Environment-Friendly Recycled Packaging

The group President of P&G Global Fabric and Home Care, Giovanni Ciserani has said that in terms of sustainability, P&G prefers to act on the issue rather than just discuss it.

He believes that the use of post-consumer recyclate (PCR) in packaging its products will be a step beneficial to the environment.

With this step, P&G expects to give consumers the opportunity to take back home sustainable brands while the company continues to deliver high quality products.

Ciserani has also said that the company is planning to partner with other organizations that will add to the quantity of recycled materials produced globally. This will be an effective way to increase the presence of recycled packaging in more brands and across the globe.

Ciserani added further that it’s not just the responsibility of companies and organizations to use recycled packaging. Rather, every individual across the globe has an equal responsibility of eradicating packaging waste that’s present in the environment by encouraging the use of recycled products.

P&G Fabric Care’s recent announcement is in line with the company’s objective of achieving greater environmental sustainability with recycled packaging.

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