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A lot of people are still unaware of the concept associated with foil blocking and the advantages it has. Blockfoil – one of the leading foil blocking specialists in the UK, has decided to bring into markets brochures that will give people guidance on foils and answer their common queries related to them.

As a participant in the upcoming Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging London 2015, the company will showcase its products and also answer visitors’ questions.

The show will be held on September 16 and 17 at Olympia – London’s iconic venue, for the first time.

Blockfoil commented that among the many benefits associated with foil, one is that it enables the product to sit separate from the crowd. It gives products a brand value and also adds to their price. Thus, with premium brand positioning and pricing, foils would sell more in the market.

Blockfoil’s brochure will comprise a guide about the products that the company offers to its customers. It will also have some techniques of foil blocking along with a few popular shades of foils.

The brochure also plans to include some samples from the earlier work completed by Blockfoil.

Interestingly, the brochure will come along with a free magnifying glass so that people can have a closer look at the work completed by Blockfoil.

Blockfoil’s New Brochure Will Educate People About Foil Blocking

A spokesperson from Blockfoil has commented that in the present age, creating a memorable experience in the minds of the customers’ is of utmost importance. He added further that designing a brochure by using bright foil colours is an effective way to grab the attention of both the new as well as the existing customers.

Blockfoil has been in business since 1981. It has been operating from its factories in Ipswich, Manchester and Nottingham. Over the years, it has emerged as UK’s foremost specialist in foil blocking.

Now, the company offers the most comprehensive range of embossing and foil blocking services to several large packaging companies and printers in the UK.

With the introduction of its new brochure in the market, the company hopes that a lot of other packaging companies and designers will become aware of the benefits of foil blocking.

Stand B14 will be Blockfoil’s store at the Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging London 2015. The company representatives will be at hand to explain foil blocking concept and answer questions of visitors related to their exhibits or foils.

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