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Product Packaging manufacturer Qualvis releases new range of vegan chocolate with fully recyclable and compostable packaging. Qualivis is owned by UK based conscious chocolate. 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.foodbev.com

Qualvis has come up with a line of fully compostable & recyclable packaging for its range of vegan chocolate.


Qualvis is owned and operated by UK based conscious chocolate who required fresh branding across it product portfolio. This includes a range of organic products such as goji and coconut flavored chocolate bars. 


Qualivis has commented that there has been in a sharp rise in demand for vegan chocolate & confectionery. As well as this consumers are also pressuring brands to produce products with recyclable and compostable packaging. Parent company Conscious chocolate has commented that this is a crucial time to overhaul and update is brands. 


Qualvis are using textured surfaces to apply their print. This gives a tactile effect but as well they use a water based gloss varnish in order to enhance the textured effect further. Richard Pacey, the sales director at Qualivis has commented that this gives the packaging a big lift showing off its vibrant colors!


Both the front and reverse sides of the packaging feature corona, vegetable based inks applied with an impulse heat sealer for optimal quality. The inks themselves are completely bio degradable and meet the sustainability criteria specified in the brief. 


The structure of the packaging is interesting too, featuring an nifty bio glue re closure system. Reclosing the pack with the tear perforation is extremely easy to do making this one of the most user friendly confectionery packaging designs we have seen. 


The founder of Conscious Chocolate, Emma Jackman has also commented that Qualvis  turned their dreams into reality! She commented that they have an ‘extremely close’ working relationship that gave them the confidence & trust in what they wanted to strive for. 


The design and development for the new product packaging took over one year from inception. The team went the extra mile to achieve product packaging that both looks good and is robust enough to hold its integrity during shelf life.