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Zerust Tabs® | Zerust Plastabs 0.5″ & 0.75″ | VCI Emitters for hard to reach & awkward spaces

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Zerust Plastabs ® are a range of convenient, easy to use VCI Emitter disks for the protection of metal surfaces in hard to reach, awkward or tight spaces.

This makes them ideal for large & heavy machinery, electronics, precision parts & component with cavities and large inner spaces.

For cargo that may travel through harsh supply chains and environments consider the ActivPak ® VCI corrosion inhibitor pads for more powerful protection.

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Zerust Tabs are perfect when used to supplement your current VCI corrosion inhibiting packaging solution. Zerust® Plastabs are cost effective VCI emitters designed to protect the interior surface spaces within your shipment. They are easy to use and apply, safe to handle & suitable for use with electrical equipment.

Zerust Excor ® ICT ® Plastabs ® are thin, lightweight, rigid polyethylene squares that act as delivery devices (VCI Emitters) for the patented Zerust corrosion inhibitor technology.

The small and thin shape of these devices make them the perfect solution for protecting critical surfaces in awkward or hard to reach interior spaces of equipment and machinery.

Zerust Plastabs can be simply dispersed through bulk bags and packaging of metals parts.

Some non-standard sizes come complete with the optional peel-back adhesive backing which can be easily attached to most surfaces.

If you do require a self-adhesive VCI Emitter pads, consider the Zerust VC2-1 for this feature.

Use Plastabs as a supplement to Zerust Excor Bags & packaging for increased/optimal VCI Protection or as a standalone VCI emitter for tight spaces, electronic components, cabinets, control boxes, IT, cloud, and server equipment.

Zerust Plastabs are durable pieces which do not flake or leave a residue upon contact. They can provide continuous VCI rust protection for up to 2 years.

Benefits of Zerust Tabs

  • Completely safe to whoever is handling them
  • High performance Zerust® VCI vapor corrosion inhibitor protection.
  • Effective in hard to reach, tight and restricted spaces
  • Leaves no residue
  • Contact safe with electronic equipment surfaces

Applications for Zerust Tabs

  • Preservation storage
  • Shipping and transport protection
  • Machinery during operation or downtime
  • Can be used with Zerust Excor VCI Bags

What kinds of metals for Zerust Tabs protect?

Zerust Plastabs ® are suitable for use with ferrous metals and aluminium. They provide limited protection for yellow (non-ferrous) metals. When considering use with copper, brass and zinc metals please test before use. Not suitable for direct contact.

What sizes and delivery formats are Zerust Plastabs available in?

From stock Zerust Plastabs are available in in two sizes.  Both sold in cases of 1000 pcs.

Plastab size 0.5” x 0.5” (1.2cm x 1.2cm). Protects an area up to 0.1ft³ (0.003m³). Protection Radius up to 0.3ft (0.09 mtr).

Protection Duration – Up to 2 years.

Plastab size 0.75” x 0.75” (1.9cm x 1.9cm). Protects an area up to 0.2ft³ (0.006m³). Protection Radius up to 0.4ft (0.12 mtr).

Protection Duration – up to 2 years.

In addition, larger 1” x 1” & 1” x 3” can be manufactured subject to minimum order quantity. These give greater rust and corrosion protection in terms of both volume/space and radius/distance the molecules can reach.

Use these VCI emitters within 2 years of the date of shipment. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Technical data sheet in .pdf format

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1 X PLASTABS 0.75 (1000 PER BOX), 5 x PLASTABS 0.75 (1000 PER BOX), 10 X PLASTABS 0.75 (1000 PER BOX), 1 X PLASTABS 0.50 (1000 PER BOX), 5 X PLASTABS 0.50 (1000 PER BOX), 10 X PLASTABS 0.50 (1000 PER BOX)