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BOBST’s unveil new heat sealing machine innovations at industry gathering. Event draws over 300 product packaging manufacturers.

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BOBST attract a wide array of packaging manufacturers with new new innovation!

At packaging manufacturers COMPETENCE 15 the new BOBST developments were introduced to the industry. 


This indluded the new packaging unwinder+, an innovative foil packaging machine that offers significant savings for flexible packaging films usage.


Also being exhibited was the new EXPERTCODE digital serialization machine. This has been introduced to cater for the growing demads of packaging manufacturers for customization and coding of their products. 


The Visioncut 106 lER heat sealing machine takes die cutting to a whole new level with its high productivity and pioneering operation. 


The NOVACUT 106 ER was also introduced at the event. This another die cutter that already benefits many clients around the world. It can be seen as a cost effective, entry level model that produced reliable, high quality results. 


BOBST is a company continually striving when it comes to continued innovation. The company has stated that every new piece of machinery that they develop is designed to benefit the product packaging manufacturers bottom line with improved profitability in the commercial sector.  


Continued innovation to help Product Packaging Manufacturers


The new Foil Unwinder+ has generated much interest from packaging manufacturers who want to benefit from the foil optimization features. The machine can decrease foil usage by up to 50% dependent on the specific project. 


There is also no need to hand strip the waste product anymore neither!


Packaging Manufacturers can expect to gain numerous benefits with the new machines. Decreased labor costs & increased productivity to name just two. 


The NOVACUT 106 ER also has a angle lock tool built in. This compliments the existing VisionCut system and allows carton makers to access the in line blank separation system. 



When it comes to trace ability& anti counterfeiting the EXPERTCODE digital printer is an excellent system that allows for rapid customization of packaging. 


With this packaging manufacturers can print bespoke graphics, codes and texts at both high speed and resolution. End users can then immediately verify a products authenticity.