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Zerust Axxanol™ | Anti Corrosion spray (Spray-G) 400ML Aerosol Cans

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Zerust Axxanol ™ anti corrosion spray (Spray-G) provides superior protection in a convenient sprayable grease delivery.

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Extremely durable, sprayable anti corrosion spray, Effective in extreme outdoor environments

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Zerust Axxanol ™ anti corrosion spray (Spray-G) provides superior corrosion protection in a convenient sprayable grease delivery. Spray-G continues to prove itself over in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Use this to protect your sensitive goods when being transported overseas or stored outdoors.

Zerust Axxanol™ Spray-G formula gives the complete protection of a grease in a convenient sprayable form.

It outperforms many other rust protection sprays and coatings whilst at the same time being extremely easy to apply and remove. This means the use of Spray-G can yield further savings, both in terms of time and cost that are associated with corrosion prevention work of this kind.

Axxanol™ features an oily grease consistency that can provide corrosion protection for parts and equipment for up to 2 years indoor (1 year outdoors).

You can also use Axxanol Spray-G as a light lubricant, taking advantage of this products exceptional corrosion protection properties.

Water resistant and compatible for use with most packaging including rubber and plastic based materials. Test product on a small area before use.

Benefits of Zerust Axxanol ™

  • Sprayable rust prevention spray
  • Effective in extreme outdoor environments
  • Paint and plastic safe
  • Non – hazardous disposal
  • Can be removed easily with an alkaline cleaner


  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • During Operation
  • Can be used in cooperation with other Zerust® VCI Packaging products

Example Case Study – Axxanol™ Spray G was applied to a large piece of heavy machinery before its long multi continent journey through the supply chain and finally the customer after a 62 day sea leg. The product was heavily exposed being shipped on the open deck. Open air. Legacy rust prevention coatings would usually not be sufficient protection here. Using Axannol™ the product arrived with the end user in factory condition, defect and corrosion free.


Zerust Excor Axxanol Spray-G is sold in several formats and deliveries. Choose from either –

  • 12 oz (12 can case) Product ID 350-M-00023AC
  • 5 Gallon (23 ltr/35lbs approx) drum Product ID 350-M-00023PL
  • 55 Gallon (250 ltr/400lbs approx) drum Product ID 350-M-00023DR

Please Note – This is a solvent based corrosion inhibitor spray (sprayable grease)

See technical data sheet and material safety data sheet at the bottom of the page for information on the safe handling, application, removal and disposal of this product.

This product is intended to be handled by appropriately trained professionals.

Technical data sheet in .pdf format

Additional information

Number of 14oz | 400ml Cans

Per 3 Cans, Price Per Case (12 x Cans), Price Per 5 Cases (60 x Cans), Price Per 10 Cases (120 Cans)