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Zerust have been delivering safe and effective corrosion protection solutions all over the globe for the past 40 years.
Zerust Excor ® has a network of 21 joint venture distribution partnerships. Other capabilities include advanced corrosion testing lab sites positioned internationally, in multiple locations. Here you will find seamless support on demand for your project.

If you have a project that requires a corrosion prevention solution for overseas shipping or storage, we will likely have Zerust Products to meet your requirements.

Zerust Oil and Gas have successfully overcome a variety of corrosion problems in the oil & gas industry sectors.
Northern Technologies International Corporation
Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) is primarily focussed on creating environmentally beneficial materials, products and services to market.

NTIC’s primary product line is the range of Zerust Excor ® VCI vapor corrosion inhibitor products and services.

NTIC’s quality management system conforms in full to the ISO 9001:2015 requirement.
VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
Zerust Vapor Corrosion inhibitor technology utilises a comprehensive system called ‘Integrated Corrosion Technologies’ (ICT®). ICT is a term we use to describe the numerous chemical & material sciences that comprise the Zerust packaging system.

Depending on the level of corrosion protection required and any cost restrictions that may apply to the project, Zerust products can be designed and manufactured in a variety of constructions & specifications to provide optimal corrosion & rust protection.
What are Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors?
VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology (or VCI for short) are chemical substances that slow-release a corrosion prevention compound into a hermitically sealed air space/area/enclosure.

VCI’s are often used in scenarios where it is impractical or undesirable to use older rust protection products. In recent times VCI has mostly superseded and replaced older, legacy rust prevention methods or treatments.
How do Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors work?
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors work by releasing their compound formula into an airspace. This then forms a strong bond to the surface to be protected. Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology even works to promote and maintain a natural, healthy oxide layer on the metal itself.

The VCI protection layer (or shield) that is formed is both invisible and completely dry. It does not affect the physical properties or functional performance of the metal in any way.

Metals packaged and protected with Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor products are ready to use ‘out of the box’. Once the hermitic packaging is opened the VCI molecules simply evaporate and disappear. Once removed metals can be painted, treated and used straight away without any mandatory cleaning or post treatment work.
Zerust Products
VCI Film – we provide several width rolls readily available from stock. Custom dimensions and constructions are also possible. Our VCI Film rolls are also available in a thickness for conversion into other formats. Cut to size sheets, folded sheeting, J-sheeting and C-folded designs are also available.

Suitable for protecting a range of metal with its acid-gas scavenging technology.

ESD & UV protection can also be incorporated into the product.

Zerust Excor Bags – We stock a large range of readily available premade VCI bags. As standard we offer both 2D Heat Sealable & Resealable Flat bags as well 3D Heat Sealable VCI gusseted bags.

VCI Emitters – The range of VCI Emitter capsules, diffusers, disks and corrosion inhibitor pads have been developed to deliver targeted corrosion protection in those hard to reach, restricted or enclosed spaces. They are all Self-contained & portable, safe for electronics. For convenient delivery of Zerust® VCI consider the VC2 1 or the Zerust Plastabs for either primary protection in cabinets, enclosures, or as a supplementary product to give added VCI protection to other Zerust products.

VCI Paper – We supply a large range of VCI paper rolls, Kraft papers and sheeting technologies sourced from responsibly managed forests.

For sprayable aerosol product consider either Zerust Axxanol spray-g or Perigol® anti corrosion oil spray.

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