Protex by Corrosion X ™ | Stain Resisting Temporary Coating | High Performance Wax & Gloss Polish Alternative

Corrosion X

Protex™ Stain Resisting Temporary Coating is an easy application, wipe clean thin-film polymer coating formulated to give a high release protective finish for a vehicles of any kind. Suitable for cars, planes and boast this extremely thin film provides outstanding protection that will outlast any commercial wax for months at a time.

It’s effective against the most common contaminants that we see on vehicles – exhaust debris, insects, oil residue, excrement, road matter and brake grime.

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Protex ™ Stain Resisting Temporary Coating has proved itself to be highly effective when applied to windscreens. It repels rain as well as performing very well for graffiti removal applications.

How does Protex work?

The Rejex™ formula is intended to be wiped and left to cure for several hours. So that the polymer building blocks can bond to the treatment surface and cross section (or Polymerize) into a translucent impervious film.

Warning – Rejex is not intended for use on porous surfaces, painted surfaces with heavy oxidation. Or as an alternative to cover scratches or blemishes.

Uses for Protex ™ Polish
• When applying Rejex a cool, clean and dry surface is required, below 85 degree fare height (too hot a surface will not allow this solution to perform to its intended potential. This is simply because Rejex is a wipe clean product. Apply with a cloth, allow to evaporate to a haze structure for 20 minutes, wipe off again and let the final ‘thin’ layer cure for at least 2 hours.
• When applying shake well before us and apply evenly over delivery material or cloth.
• For optimal visual and cosmetic protection re apply every 4 – 6 months as required.

Benefits of Protex ™ Stain Resisting Temporary Coating
• Protex has a superior refractive glass index than other commercial grade cleaning waxes allowing for better and deeper colour clarity on your vehicle.
• Protex comes off easily when treatment is required. Abrasives, chemical paint removers and specialist polishes will all remove the protective film.
• Easy wipe clean application does not require anywhere near the buffing effort of other waxes and polishes.

Protex is perfect for protecting and enhancing a variety of materials including polished metal, glass, acrylic, fiberglass, gloss Finish paint and gel coating.

Material Safety data sheet in .pdf format

Delivery Time
1 – 2 UK working days

For more information on Temporary coating please visit the corporate site.

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