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Corrosion X Aviation™ | Anti Corrosion Spray | 475ml Aerosol Can

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Corrosion X Aviation ™ is a high performance corrosion control spray for use in Military and Aviation markets. Its generally considered to be world’s market leading anti-corrosion spray that builds on the ‘polar bonding’ mechanism seen in the commercial Corrosion X range and takes it a step further with advanced Fluid Thin Film Coating technology.

Corrosion X Aviation

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Like the standard Corrosion X range this Anti Corrosion Spray is designed for use on a variety of materials that need maintenance in the aviation industry.

Those like Iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and bronze.  This formula provides outstanding Corrosion protection and control on airframes. It has also demonstrated good compatibility with most rubbers, plastics and fabric.

Corrosion X Aviation ™ is utilised by the most recognized names in Aviation and Aerospace including the NASA, Cessna Aircraft, Boeing Helicopters, Erickson Air Crane, Saab Aircraft and Vertex Aerospace. Not to mention nearly all branches of the US Military and coast guard.

How does Anti Corrosion Spray work?

Polar Bonding with the addition of Fluid Thin Film Coating Technology works to provide a unique set of physical characteristics. If you were to look at a spec/molecule of Corrosion X through a microscope you would see that it has positive and negative poles. These are called anodes and cathodes and in relation to Corrosion X and a metal surface which it’s applied, they are opposites that attract to form a very strong magnetic like bond.

Using Anti Rust Spray

• Displace Moisture – when applied Corrosion X goes everywhere moisture is present. The magnetic action of the formula means it will penetrate every seam, rivet and hard to reach place that encourages Corrosion.
• Penetrant – Polar Bonding encourages outstanding penetrant performance.
• Lubrication – lubricating action that is superior to that of Teflon and the result is a product perfect for protecting locks and hinges. It’s also great for cannon plugs, antenna bases, connectors and circuit breakers. Anywhere that an electronic connection or interface may be subject to moisture or saltwater damage.

• Better performance and longer lasting results. Market leading formulation that is highly resilient to pressure, moisture and friction volatilities.
• Magnetic like bond that displays excellent longevity and adhesion properties.
• Suitable for use on electronics. The formula will not harm electrical components. You can even restoring corrosion damaged equipment back to normal working order following application.
• US Military tested product. Few brands can claim that they have been tested and live up to the real world demands that the US government requires. This product simply works better and lasts longer.

Compatibility of Anti Rust Spray
Manufactured 100% in the United States in accordance with MIL-PRF-81309F Type II, which supersedes MIL-C-81309E.
Boeing code number RMO 16679. Cessna Spec CSNPO38, TYOE 9A. Certificates of conformance and shelf life details will be provided as required.

Material Safety data sheet in .pdf format

Delivery Time
2/3 Working days UK

For more information on anti corrosion cleaner products visit the corporate site.

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