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Laser Thermometer with Dual Temperature Probe

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This Cooper Atkins™ laser thermometer is a best in class temperature measurement gun that enables clients to take fast and accurate readings for both internal and surface temperatures by combining both probe and infrared functions into the one convenient handheld unit.

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The dual temperature probe and laser thermometer measures both surface and internal temperatures via infrared sensors and a retractable thermocouple probe. It’s an all-in-one tool with a range of adaptable features, depending on usage.

How Does a Probe and Laser Thermometer Work?

As a dual thermometer, this device has two separate functions. The infrared temperature sensor works at the press of a button, putting the instrument into non contact mode. The probe button activates the second function, making use of the digital probe thermometer.

To take a reading in non contact mode, aim the infrared lens at the target and press the scan button to display the surface temperature. With a distance to spot ratio of 1:1, it is best to use this in close proximity. Minimum and maximum readings are displayed during the measurement, and lock mode allows up to one hour of continuous monitoring.

Contact mode uses the thermocouple probe, which works continuously for up to 4 minutes. During use, remember it is important to avoid stress on the probe with unnecessary twists and rotations.
To maintain your digital laser thermometer, ensure you follow guidelines for proper storage and cleaning. The delicate infrared lens should be wiped with a soft cloth using water or medical alcohol.

Using of a Dual Probe and Non Contact Thermometer

A laser temperature gun with both IR temperature reading and thermocouple probe is very versatile. It can be used in a whole range of applications right through from food to property surveying. It may be used as a meat thermometer, to spot potentially dangerous electricity surges or to monitor the efficiency of a building, for example.

● IR thermometer range of -33°C up to 220°C
● Probe temperature range of -55°C up to 330°C
● Infrared laser thermometer accuracy of ±2°C or 2% of reading (whichever is greater), and ±1°C or 1% of reading with the temperature probe
● 15 second temperature hold feature
● Min/Max memory
● Includes a low battery indicator
● Requires CR2032 lithium batteries
● Auto-off function
● Probe shaft is 114mm in length and 3mm in diameter
● Default emissivity of 0.95 can be altered – by a professional only – from 0.10 to 1.00
● Comes with a one year warranty

IR with Probe 1:1 Infrared -33 to 220°C, Probe -55 to 330°C / 480-0-8, CE, RoHS and WEEE certified.

Material Safety data sheet in .pdf format

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For more information on our range of laser thermometer guns please visit the corporate site.

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