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IR Thermometer Gun with Thermocouple Jack

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This Cooper Atkins™ infrared thermometer gun is an essential piece of kit to measure both external and internal temperatures. It can monitor a wide range of objects, including electrical items, buildings and even food. The handheld temperature gun can accurately record surface temperature from a safe distance, using single-dot laser sighting.

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This 412 model IR thermometer gun comes complete with thermocouple jack, compatible with all Type K probes. It has a distance-to-spot ratio of 12 to 1, along with a clear back-lit LCD display and a temperature range of -60°C up to 500°C with the non contact thermometer, and -64°C up to 1400°C with the thermocouple.

How Does an IR Thermometer Gun Work?

This portable handheld temperature gun is straightforward and intuitive to use. Simply point the gun and press the ‘measure key’ trigger, using the laser to find the right spot on the target surface. After one second, you will have a temperature reading in your preferred measurement – °C or °F.

Pressing the mode key will show the emissivity value. Continue to toggle, and you will see the maximum and minimum temperatures, the differential, and average temperature. For high and low alarms, press the up and down keys. These values can be altered as needed.

To measure internal temperatures using the probe, simply connect the thermocouple to the jack, and a reading will show automatically.

Using an Infrared Thermometer Gun

An IR thermometer gun has a wide range of both domestic and industrial uses. It can be used as a digital room thermometer to check heat efficiency in the home, and can even be used in the repair of smartphones to ensure optimum heat levels. It’s a safe way to check temperatures without relying on touch, and allowing you to measure in awkward spots.

What Are The Benefits?
● Infrared thermometer accuracy of ±2°C or 2% of reading (whichever is greater)
● Accuracy of ±1°C with the probe, or 1% of reading
● 1 second response time
● 180 hours battery life
● Powered by two AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries (included)
● Adjustable emissivity with a range of .01 to 1.00
● Includes automatic data hold
● Soft carrier pouch included
● Comes with a one year warranty
● Auto-shut off

Note: probe is not included.
Gun Style 11.1 w/Laser -60 to 500°C & Type K Thermo Jack /412-0-8, CE, RoHS and WEEE certified

Material Safety data sheet in .pdf format Material Safety data sheet in .pdf format

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