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Food Temperature Probe – Waterproof Pen Style

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This Cooper Atkins™ food temperature probe is a ‘best in class’ product that gives fast and highly accurate food temperature readings in a convenient pen style delivery. Ideal for use monitoring cooking temperatures it has a list of impressive features including antimicrobial action and an ‘accurate for life’ guarantee.

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This fast-acting pen style food temperature probe is a convenient device to measure both solids and liquids. The reduced tip allows the thermistor sensor to give highly accurate readings, while the antimicrobial additive promotes kitchen hygiene.

How Does a Food Temperature Probe Work?

To use this wireless temperature probe, simply remove the cap and press the power button. When the ambient temperature is shown on the display, it is ready to insert – whether into a hot liquid, a piece of meat, or any other food.

The unit has a °C/°F toggle button, and will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of non use.

Always remember to wash the Food Temperature Probe thoroughly after use with a soft cloth and non-abrasive mild detergent.

Using of a Food Probe Thermometer

A food probe thermometer of this design can be used in busy catering environments such as school kitchens or gastro pubs to quickly ensure food is at a safe and serviceable temperature, in line with industry standards.

It can be used as a meat thermometer to achieve rare, medium or well done cooking preferences. As a temperature probe for cooking, it is used to prevent the spread of pathogens that may cause food poisoning – especially in reference to a food probe temperature guide.

The unit can also be used as a sugar thermometer, freezer thermometer, and a water temperature probe – even in high temperature dishwasher cycles – as it is fully waterproof.

What are the Benefits?
● Accurate for Life Guarantee means there’s no need to send away for recalibration – giving you hassle-free peace of mind
● Fast response time of less than 6 seconds
● Temperature range of -40° to 200°C
● °C/°F switchable
● Made of ABS plastic with a stainless steel reduced tip
● Lightweight at 0.9oz
● Measures 19mm x 15.8mm x 152.4mm with sheath
● Shaft length: 69.9mm, with 19mm tip
● Shaft diameter at tip: 1.19mm
● Accuracy of 1°C from -10° to 100°C, and 1.5°C for all other ranges
● Resolution of 0.1°C throughout the entire range
● Rated IPX7 Waterproof
● Waterproof digital variant food thermometer
● Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of non use
● Uses an anti-microbial additive to minimise bacterial growth
● 500 hours battery life, with a 1.5v LR44 battery
● Lifetime warranty

Waterproof Pen Style food temperature probe 70mm Stem NSF -40 to 200°C / DPP400W-0-8. NSF, CE, RoHS, WEEE certified

Material Safety  data sheet in .pdf format

Delivery Times
1-2 working days within the UK.

For more information on food temperature probe thermometers please visit the corporate site.

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