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Digital Food Thermometer Waterproof w/ Alarm

This Cooper Atkins™ waterproof food thermometer is a tough and versatile unit that can provide accurate and speedy food temperature readings in a lightweight portable unit. It comes with the added convenience of an alarm feature to alert staff to specific temperature settings. ‘Accurate for life’ this unit will not require recalibration during its lifespan.

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Designed for fast-paced catering environments, this handy digital food thermometer has an adjustable temperature alarm with blinking visual display. The reduced tip probe can be used for delicate measurements and to ensure accurate readings with a 0.1° resolution.

How do you use a Digital Food Thermometer?

The unit is simple to use, with just three buttons: on/off, mode, and °F/°C. The mode button is used to hold the current temperature, recall maximum and minimum temperatures, and to set or adjust a temperature alarm.

The alarm is set at a default of 60°C, which can be changed via the mode button. When the alarm is activated, the blinking display provides a visual reminder above the noise of the kitchen. Simply press any button to stop the alarm.

Always wash after each use with a soft cloth and mild, non abrasive detergent.

Using a Digital Cooking Thermometer

Use the digital food thermometer to check extreme water temperatures in commercial kitchens. Also for probing food products to measure internal temperatures. In the harsh, high temperatures of dishwasher final cycles, it is fully waterproof and ready to deliver accurate readings. It features an automatically stored high temperature.

The antimicrobial additive makes this a useful tool for internal food temperature monitoring. From chilled food temperature storage to extreme heat during cooking, it can check that practices are in line with food hygiene regulations. Uses include as a meat temperature probe and water thermometer.

What are the benefits?
● A digital food thermometer eliminates the risk of a toxic spill from a mercury thermometer
● Accurate for Life Guarantee means there’s no need to send away for recalibration – giving you hassle-free peace of mind
● Comes with an adjustable temperature alarm with blinking display
● Temperature range of -40°C to 232°C
● Reading accuracy of 1°C
● Response time of less than 6 seconds
● Measures to a resolution of 0.1°
● Dishwasher safe, with an IPX7 Waterproof Rating
● Stores the maximum temperature in device memory
● Contains an antimicrobial additive for hygiene
● Long battery life of 500 hours
● Takes a 1.5v LR44 battery
● Thermistor sensor within reduced tip
● Shaft length of 121mm
● Slimline 1.19mm diameter at shaft tip
● Lightweight at 0.7oz

Calibratable 125mm Stem NSF -40 to 230°C / DFP450W-0-8, NSF, CE, WEEE and RoHS certified

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For more information on digital food thermometer products please visit the corporate site.

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