Anti Rust Spray


Valdamark’s range of premium ‘best in class’ anti rust spray products are all tried and tested formulas available in convenient Aerosol deliveries, as well as bulk drums & packages for larger projects.

Rust inhibitors work by releasing a harmless vapour into the atmosphere surrounding atmosphere. The inhibitor molecules will settle & bond to the exposed metal surfaces in order to form a protective layer just several molecules thick.

These molecules stop the ‘corrosion causing’ electrochemical reaction from taking place. They act as a shield providing rust protection well into the future.

Consider either the VPCI 337 rust prevention spray or the Perigol VCI 230 anti-rust oil.

How to use rust inhibitors?

For enclosed spaces VPCI 337 is a water based fogger that is ideal for use with VPCI 126 packaging products. Featuring a delayed-release valve that allows time for the packaged to be closed once sprayed/misted into an enclosure. It is then left to disperse without evaporating too quickly. When used in conjunction with VPCI 126 packaging this can form part of a complete, optimal solution. Protection your goods into the long-term through the supply chain.

Perigol VCI 230 is a ready to use anti-rust oil featuring a hydrolysis resistant formula that forms an oily film over parts and components that need protecting during transport and storage.

What is the difference between a rust inhibitor & a rust preventative?

Rust inhibitors are most commonly chemical substances that are added to a substrate or carrier material to either prevent corrosion from occurring entirely or slow down the rate at which the reaction occurs.

The rust inhibitor itself bonds to and coats the metal surface. This forms a thin layer of protection either by itself as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the metal ions.

A rust preventative works by forming a barrier on the metal surface in order the prevent moisture from contacting it.

Rust prevention coatings vary in type depending on the product/formula itself and the method of application. They can be dry to touch as well as oil or semi-solid in some cases. Application methods vary too including brush on, spray & immersion.

Consider one of these Aerosol rust preventative products for optimal protection.

Cortec VPCI 377 is a water-based rust preventative treatment that does not require removal before a surface is painted or processed further. VPCI 377 is an eco-friendly product that remains completely safe and non-flammable. An ideal rust prevention coating for steel, aluminium, carbon & copper it is a sophisticated ‘multi-metal’ formula.

Designed for protecting equipment & components indoors it replaces the need for older, legacy oil type rust prevention methods.

For an anti-rust grease look at Zerust Axxanol Spray G offering the complete protection of grease consistency in an easy to handle aerosol.

Corrosion X anti corrosion spray is a well know rust preventative, penetrant, lubricant approved to the United States Navy’s strict corrosion inhibitor and corrosion control specification MILI-PRF-8109F. It is compatible with most metals and materials.

Recently redesigned to meet the UK and EU labelling directives for chemicals and to provide retailers with GTIN-13 Barcodes all are available in a large variety of sizes and deliveries to provide you with the worlds leading corrosion and rust protection solutions.

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