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Vacuum Sealers

Valdamark supply the market leading range of professional vacuum sealer machines from HAWO GMBH.

Focussing on the ‘best in class’ HV impulse vacuum sealer platform these heat sealer devices are designed for the most demanding of sealing projects.

These machines are designed for use in professional, regulated environments where seal quality, efficiency and performance cannot be compromised.

High performance vacuum sealer bag machines

Weather you work in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial or food sectors the machines can be supplied as a standalone, table top device. Or in a mounted configuration complete with stainless steel stand and work table.

In addition to this the HV platform is available with a wide variety of optional extras and customisations.

Depending on your requirements we can provide both table top Vacuum packaging machines as well as larger floor mounted configurations complete with stainless steel stands and work tables.

In addition to this there are many more customisations, modifications, and optional extras that can be added to this platform.

Professional Vacuum Sealing

The AP-V models are perfect for use on medium to high volume sealing projects. Semi-automatic, validatable, single nozzle and finished in premium stainless steel they are perfect when used for industrial and some medical vacuum sealing work.

The HV AP2-V variation is a dual nozzle, microprocessor medical sealer specifically designed for use in healthcare environments and clean rooms. Featuring combined gas evacuation and welding processes it conforms in full to the Fraunhofer IPA qualification and is certified suitable as a vaccum sealer for clean room applications. Air purity class 6, ISO 14644-1 clean room standards.

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