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Continuous Sealers

Band Sealer Machines are primarily chosen for speed and consistency when sealing flexible packaging.

Band Sealer Machines

Valdamark are the master distributor for HAWO GMBH. Our range of band sealer machines and continuous sealing machines are market leading for their ability to provide optimal protection for heat sealed goods during transport or storage.

All our machines satisfy the highest quality and safety measures with all options being able to be supplied validatable as prescribed by EN ISO 11607-2.

Continuous sealing machine devices are ideal for use in any mid to high volume packaging environment. Industries from all sectors can benefit from the high speed, consistent seal cycles given by .

All out sealers feature a sealing speed (belt speed) of at least 10mtr/min and so a high capacity for thermoplastic flexible formats like pouch packaging.

Consider the HPL 500 D/D-V for use both in industrial and healthcare settings. This microprocessor controlled rotary heat sealer is available either as a standalone machine (both basic & with validatable processes) or with a variety of options and modifications.

The optional conveyor with ultra smooth rollers allows your packaging to glide through. The adjustable table stand coverts the basic horizontal sealer into a vertical continuous ban sealer configuration whilst the larger V2A steel constructed floor stand is adjustable and allows for sealing adjusted to the operator.

It can also be supplied with the optional RS 232 interface for the connection of external documentation systems.

The 500 D-V uses a validatable process for temperature and sealing speed in line with EN ISO 11607-2:2006.

For projects where packaging must be sealed according to EN ISO 11607-1:2009, EN 868-4:2009 & EN 868-5:2009 consider the HM 850 DC-V or the HM 950 DC-V NanoPak band sealer machines. These sophisticated devices are designed for the sealing of pouches and reels (SBS Sterile Barrier Systems) in hospitals (CSSD), medical or healthcare environments.

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