Hand Held Heat Sealer Machines : Professional, Portable Tongs for High Value Sealing Work

Hand Held Heat Sealer Machines go by a few different names. Hand Sealers, welding guns, hand sealing tongs and crimp heat sealers to name but a few.

We offer a selection of premium, professional hand held heat sealers that we use and trust for bags and liners in our own production.

For those involved in medium to high volume sealing of both thin and thick packaging film we recommend you opt for the HAWO ISZ 300 Impulse heat sealer or the HAWO WSZ 300 constant heat sealer for foil bag sealing exclusively.

Hand Held Heat SealersThe ISZ can be considered ‘multi purpose’ for bag film sealing in that it is compatible with both thin, mono layer polythene films as well as medium gauge multi layered materials. Including laminated foil bags. The ISZ is a good candidate for food environments also.

The WSZ is designed exclusively for heavy gauge, multi layered laminate foils and coated papers. The maximum seal thickness can vary from construction to construction

These ‘best in class’ hand-held heat sealers are market leading and are available in a variety of jaw widths. They are both lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around large or awkwardly sized packaging formats. They are also an excellent option when sealing foil packaging to any of the following country specifications.

  • MIL-PRF-131K (USA),
  • DEF STAN 81-147 (UK),
  • DIN 55 531 (Germany)
  • NF H00 310 (France)

For more low volume requirements the 150V bag sealer machine is an excellent budget option for thick laminate packaging sealing.

For paper, cellophane and thin aluminium laminates take a look at the 150V heat sealer machine.

When there are more technically demanding projects we offer a range of rotary heat sealers and foot operated impulse sealer machines. For packaging projects that must conform with EN ISO 11607-2 take a look at our validatable  sealers.

Get in touch to review your requirements or take a look at our Heat Sealer guide for more information and advice on suitable machines.

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