Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers (or Oxygen Scavengers) are designed to protect & extend products and their shelf lives.

Valdamark is the UK master distributor for Multisorb Oxygen Absorbers and Desiccant products.

From production to consumption these products are trusted by the worlds biggest logos to keep their products fresh and safe for longer.

When it comes to maintaining a competitive edge our oxygen scavenger products will enhance your product and your brand. This can be jeopardised when bottom line cost is the only motivation, saving pennies and cents can add to millions in defect product and damage to your brand further down the line.

Multisorb has developed a range of superior drop in, fit in and built in oxygen absorber to deliver the high performance, high-end solutions your products deserve.

Built around Multisorb’s active packaging approach they are designed to help you stay ahead of rivals by substantially extending product shelf life and expediting the regulatory compliance requirements that come with products of this kind.

Oxygen Absorbers & Active Packaging Solutions

Active Packaging prevents problems before they happen

Fresh and living contents are always at risk from the silent killers of moisture and oxygen. The resulting damage results in decreased shelf life and altogether defected products. When including our desiccant sorbents and oxygen scavengers you can rest assured that moisture and oxygen levels remain within an optimal range. This means a long & stable shelf life that both maintains product integrity without the waste and concern from your customer/end user.

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We can help you to –

  • Extend your products shelf-life through expiration loss reduction
  • Lean and streamlined manufacture to reduce downtime and maximise revenue.
  • Retain the flavour, nutritional content, aesthetic appeal of your products whilst keeping customers satisfied and growing sales.
  • Keep food safe for human consumption whilst guarding against environmental hazards like mould growth and harmful microorganisms.
  • Decide on the most suitable oxygen absorbers, working in collaboration with our food scientist and packaging engineers.
  • Reduce or completely eliminate artificial preserves and additives.
  • Implement and integrate the package into a wider overall packaging solution. Packets, self-adhesive labels, cards and barrier film.

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Maintaining Natural Ingredients

In recent years consumers have become ‘hyper aware’ of the food they buy. This change in thinking has led to many being well informed about both the safety and quality of the food that they buy. Key drivers and considerations when buying are now around taste, health and natural qualities.

They want food that uses as few (or zero) as possible chemicals, preservatives and enhancers. Consumers want products with the right credentials.

We are highly tuned to todays modern consumer preferences. We can help you to achieve this by retaining flavour and aesthetic appeal maintaining natural integrity thorough our active packaging.

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